NEW: Project Final Report now available.


National data indicates that students enrolled at regional universities have less positive outcomes than those of their peers enrolled in capital city universities but the reasons have not been comprehensively investigated.

This eight-institution project, led by the University of the Sunshine Coast, is exploring the experiences of the diverse undergraduate student populations of regional universities in the 21st century, and identifying how comparable and equitable outcomes for these students may be achieved.

The project will analyse existing data sets against Ella Kahu’s model of student engagement [1] to discover new information, disparities and themes. Each institution will develop a case study to elucidate one or more of the themes and related key practices.

Kahu E. (2014). Increasing the emotional engagement of first year mature-aged distance students: interest and belonging. The International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education 5(2), 45-55.

Support for this project has been provided by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching – full funding attribution.