The following deliverables have been developed by the project.

Case study summaries

Charles Sturt University Workplace learning shapes the student experience

CQUniversity Early people-rich interventions improve transition and first year retention

Federation University Australia Student support promotes 21st Century student engagement in a regional context

James Cook University Peer support and advising enhance the student experience

Southern Cross University Enabling pathways lead to successful outcomes

University of New England Citizenship and graduate attributes enrich the experience of distance students

University of Southern Queensland Embedded and scaffolded course design enhances students’ online learning experiences

University of the Sunshine Coast Work integrated learning enhances graduate capabilities, employment and career opportunities

Good practice examples

1. Focus the culture, policy and curriculum on engaging students

University of New England Institutionalise adaptable extra curricular programs to inspire students to engage with their communities as part of their learning 

University of Southern Queensland Commit to whole-of-program, embedded approaches to enhancing digital literacy and fluency with online teaching and learning modules

2. Aim to lessen access to challenges by increasing student engagement

CQUniversity Begin students’ transition to university with personalised two-way interaction to discuss students’ needs in relations to inherent program requirements

Federation University Australia Select and support high-quality and enthusiastic Student Leaders to facilitate positive interactions among less experienced peers in the transition to university

3. Leverage quality teaching, staff engagement and student support to positively impact on student emotion

Southern Cross University Orient the curriculum and teaching in formal transition programs to enable student success while supporting them to manage life-load and other structural challenges

Charles Sturt University Use technologies to support relationship development among students, supervisors and academics, and to strengthen work place learning experiences

4. Programs which activate students’ motivation and self-efficacy assist in building identity and engagement

James Cook University Promote and resource mentor programs to support new students as they negotiate the structural environment of the university

University of the Sunshine Coast Work with students to design opportunities for innovative, authentic work integrated learning in programs where there is not an embedded placement component

Case study reports

Charles Sturt University Workplace learning (WPL) program at a regional university

CQUniversity Pre-enrolment interviews designed to communicate program requirements

Federation University Australia Centrally provided student academic and transition support services and programs

James Cook University Peer-to-peer student mentoring program

Southern Cross University Preparing for Success Program (non-award enabling program)

University of New England New England Award Program

University of Southern Queensland Compulsory first year core courses that embed core online and university literacies

University of the Sunshine Coast WIL when it is not an embedded component of the program

Project Report

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