Kahu Model of Student Engagement

Kahu (2013, 2014) has proposed a sophisticated model of student engagement, which incorporates all of the dimensions of the student experience that are relevant to this project. Kahu’s 2014 refined model is the theoretical and analytical framework for the project.

  • Kahu, E. (2013). Framing student engagement in higher education. Studies in Higher Education 38(5), 758-773.
  • Kahu E. (2014). Increasing the emotional engagement of first year mature-aged distance students: interest and belonging. The International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education 5(2), 45-55.

OLT Strategic Priority Commissioned Projects

OLT Strategic Priority Commissioned Projects support the investigation of key issues that have been identified as important in the Australian higher education system. Other commissioned projects investigating the student experience:

Bond University is leading an Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching national project titled – Engaging postgraduate students and supporting higher education to enhance the 21st century student experience. The project team are conducting interviews and focus groups with postgraduate students and higher education personnel to contribute their experiences, insights and strategies to enhance the 21st century student experience. The project deliverables will include case studies of good practice, a final report and a website http://postgraduatestudentexperience.com

The Intensive Mode Teaching project led by the University of Western Australia will promote and support improved student experiences of threshold capability development in units that involve intensive mode teaching. This mode involves students engaging in facilitated learning activities or classes intensively over longer in a day, and on fewer days than in a traditional course. http://www.ecm.uwa.edu.au/staff/learning/research/intensive-mode-teaching

This project led by the Univeristy of Melbourne builds capacity of higher education institutions by developing new perspectives and approaches for enhancing the student experience. This project steps ahead in both substantive and methodological ways to improve institutional capacity to enhance each student’s experience by:

  • building new concepts for understanding higher education students;
  • identifying new data sources and approaches for measuring the student experience; and
  • engaging institutions in enhancement work and new conversations about students.

The project is led by a team of 13 leading Australian and United States researchers spanning seven higher education institutions, linking with major research and policy networks globally, and advised by an eminent international reference group.