The projet deliverables include:

  1. A website for engagement with the sector, information dissemination and resource repository.
  2. Report of analysis of existing national and institutional data that identifies the unique features of the regional student experience and reports on previously undiscovered features of this experience.
  3. A series of case reports that highlight good practice, identify emerging trends, challenges and opportunities for improving the student experience, and a series of practical recommendations for future action.
  4. A series of good practice vignettes (extracts from the case studies) that showcase specific examples of current and emerging practice in the participating institutions. The vignettes will describe how creative and innovative practices are used to improve the 21st Century student experience of undergraduate students at regional universities and provide exemplars for wider adoption.
  5. Drawing on previous deliverables, a comprehensive report “The 21st Century Regional University Student Experience”. This report will contain a set of recommendations for regional universities, the sector and government for future investigation. It will also propose an additional set of metrics to more comprehensively assess the experience of regional universities and their graduates, and the impact of regional universities more broadly.
  6. A national symposium to provide an opportunity to discuss and engage with the project’s findings and recommendations, and to discuss the additional metrics necessary for evaluating the regional student experience.